37 Hilariously Awful Face Tattoos. What Were They Thinking?

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October 2, 2017
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37 Hilariously Awful Face Tattoos. What Were They Thinking?

29 Hilariously Awful Face Tattoos. What Were They Thinking?

37 Hilariously Awful Face Tattoos

Face tattoos aren’t the end of the world anymore. It used to be that if you had a face tattoo, your life options were limited to the klink or the hustle. Nowadays, you can even see basic white girls at Coachella with dream catchers permanently etched beside their ears. Still, some people believe there are no good face tattoos. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say there are no good face tattoos on this list. Only terribly trashy ones.

This “wrongfully…” tattoo.

face tattoos

I totally believe him now.

These cat eyebrow tattoos.

face tattoos

Sigh. I feel like you need a hug, honey.

This tiny moustache tattoo.

face tattoos

You’re right. It makes you look so manly.

This Florida tattoo

I’d like to sincerely apologize for whatever went wrong in your life.

This lightening bolt tattoo.

Harry Potter: You’re doing it wrong.

This super patriotic tattoo.

I think this tattoo gets you free desert for life at Sizzler.

This Monster Energy Drink tattoo.

Because you’ll definitely ALWAYS want a toxic energy drink logo on your face.

This “ladies love it” tattoo.

Do they though?

This vine eyebrow tattoo.

Did you say “make my eyebrows as bad as my eyeliner?”

This face tattoo.

It’s actually an homage to the twin she ate in the womb.

This devil tattoo.

You got a tattoo of a beard above your beard because Satan has a beard. I totally get it.

This giant mustache tattoo.

Is that even a tattoo? It’s so realistic! Just kidding. You look stupid.

This realistic spider tattoo.

We can never be friends. Ever.

This guy who let a bunch of adult sites advertise on his face.

How’s that working out for you?

This hairline tattoo.

Gives new meaning to the term “fresh fade.”

This blunt tattoo.

I’m going to be blunt: this is a stupid tattoo.

This YOLO face tattoo.

Oh! Sucks to be you, bro. Also 2010 called…

This “Family Tradition” tattoo.

Family tradition of trashy face tattoos?

This “Insane Thoughts” tattoo.

The crazy eyes pretty much tell us what we need to know. But thanks for being clear.

This pole dancer.

It’s OK because his other cheek actually says “I respect women.”

This rose tattoo.

I kind of want to sniff you. Is that weird?

This fake facial hair tattoo.

I bet he gets all the ladies! Or dudes. We don’t judge.

This “genius” tattoo.

He should also get one that says “irony.”

 This overly aggressive forehead tattoo.

Well. You, too. Buddy. You too.

This hate speech tattoo.

Yeah “warrior” is not what comes to mind…

This ice cream tattoo.

Does it say “Brrr” on the cone? Okay…

These flame tattoos.

We get it. Your mixtape is fire.

This scribble tattoo.

Scribbling out your existence. That’s really deep, man. I’d love to read some of your poetry.

This “Eastside” tattoo.

I want everyone to know where I’m from. And also that I can’t grow facial hair.

This — whatever this is.

I’m not sure what to swoon over first — the scribbled eyebrows or the blown out kiss.

This interesting collection of tattoos.

I’m not even sure what’s happening here — can we get a life do-over please?

This tattoo of her boyfriend’s name.

Go big or go home?

This obnoxious hate speech tattoo.

It should really just say “yes, please beat me up.”

This over-the-top star tattoo.

You’re a star! (In the nightmare that is your life.)

This super convincing stud tattoo.

Whatever you need to tell yourself, guy.

This homage to drake.

This probably made Drake cry, let’s be honest.

This potential child?

Is this a child? Are those dolphin eyebrows? Wow, dude. Just, wow.

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