47 Badass Comic Book Tattoos

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47 Badass Comic Book Tattoos

By: Robert McCormick

Badass Comic Book Tattoos

Comic book characters rule the world more than ever these days. With everything from new movies to TV and Netflix shows and, of course, comic books, dropping every other week, it’s difficult for you to avoid the caped crusaders and painted face villains–and who’d want to? They’re f–kin’ awesome! These lovable characters have also found their way under fanboy’s (and fangirl’s) skins in the form of tattoos, and we gathered up some of the most badass comic book tattoos out there in this huge gallery.

So, scroll below to start up the gallery, and check out some of your favorite comic book crime fighters and evildoers tattooed by some of the world’s best tattoo artists. Here are some badass comic book tattoos.

Someone finally shut up the “Merc with a Mouth. Ha! Awesome work by Carlox Angarita on this Deadpool tattoo.

This is one awesome piece of Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, done by Aitor Jimenez.

Black and grey portrait of Batman villain, Bane, done by Fred.

Spider-Man scene by Steve Butcher.

Spectacular work by Rich Pineda on this Venom tattoo!

This fella may be Bruce Wayne on the outside, but once you get under the skin you find out the truth.

Tattoo by Peter Whitlow.

Amazing work on this Nightcrawler by Nikko Hurtado.

Harley Quinn by Adam Aguas.

Welcome to the Age of Apocalypse! Sick tattoo of the mutant overlord by Darwin Enriquez of Last Rites Tattoo.

If you know who did this rad Venom piece, please let us know!

Wolverine (X-Men) tattoo by Clayton Dias.

Nice portrait of Wonder Woman by Kenny “K-Bar” Restrepo.

Green Lantern tattoo by Chris ‘Crispy’ Lennox

The Hulk by Juan Pajo.

This is simply adorable. Adorbs. Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues.

Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado.

HULK SMASH!!! This insane 3D tattoo was inked by Remi Frances.

Jack Nicholson as The Joker, done by Roman Abrego.

Spider-Man chest tattoo by Dan Hazelton.

Chris Evans as Captain America, done by Javier Eastman.

This Harley Quinn is part of a steampunk Batman sleeve by Darren Wright.

Amazing Spider-Man tattoo by Justin Mariani.

Pump up the Jackson 5 and dance along with this Groot by Matt Daniels.

Cat Woman tattoo by Smehomania Tatuirovki Sas Supergeroi.

Joker (Batman) tattoo by Carly Shephard.

Carnage tattoo by Tony Siemer.

Black and grey Batman sleeve tattoo by Carlos Rojas.

Dope back piece by Nicola Shilson.

Batman tattoo by Bez.

Spider-Man by James Hastings.

Batman comic book sleeve by Ian Ink Tattoo.

The Incredible Hulk and Captain America tattoo by Steve Wimmer.

The Joker at his most sinister. Tattoo by Benji Roketlauncha.

Batman vs. Everyone. Tattoo by Steve Wimmer.

Stephen King tattoo by Jesso.

Wolverine sleeve tattoo by Roman Warwink.

The Riddler tattoo by Rick Gandara.

Wonder Woman tattoo by Rachel Bickley.

Batman tattoo by Piotr Deadi Dedel.

Batman profile with Gotham City tattoo by Oleg Shepelenko.

Iron Man tattoo by Nikko Hurtado.

Another one by Nikko Hurtado.

And, another one by Nikko Hurtado.

Hellboy by Leonidas Lonis Tattoo.

If you know who did this Joker, please let us know!

Hulk tattoo by Khail Aitken.

Batman tattoo by George Mavridis.

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