The 15 Top Tattooed Cities in the US

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The 15 Top Tattooed Cities in the US

The 15 Top Tattooed Cities in the US

Top Tattooed Cities in the US

By: Charlie

From the tattoo convention circuit to social media we hear people bragging about their cities being the most tattooed. While there are amazing shops from all corners of the United States, here are the 15 top tattooed cities in the US. Do you think your city is dripping in ink? Click through to find out.

top tattooed cities in the US

15. San Francisco, CA

San Fran comes in at number 15 with 86 studios. 2Spirit Tattoo resides in the heart of San Francisco and is owned by the great ROXX, who tattooed in London before moving to California.

top tattooed cities in the US

14. Austin, TX

Texas makes the cut with 89 shops in Austin. Visit Chris Trevino at Perfection Tattoo. (Above tattoo by Thomas Page)

top tattooed cities in the US

13. Pittsburgh, PA

The Steel City takes number 13 with 97 tattoo shops. Wyld Chyld Tattoo houses major talent, including Ink Master finalist Sarah Miller.

top tattooed cities in the US

12. Philadelphia, PA

Fun fact #1: In 1988, the Eagles helped make the world’s largest cheese-steak. It was the length of a football field! Fun fact #2: Philly is home to 103 tattoo parlors, including Paul Acker’s Deep Six Tattoo. (Tattoo of the Liberty Bell by Philly’s own Myke Chambers.)

11. Detroit, MI

Bob Tyrrell is a traveling artist from Detroit, a city that has 108 tattoo studios. Check Bob Tyrrell’s Night Gallery to view his work and travel dates; he may be in a city near you! (Above tattoo by Tom Salwoski)

10. Chicago, IL

Not only is Chicago one of the coldest cities, it is also one of the most tattooed! Popular amongst the 121 parlors is Deluxe Tattoo where you can find pin-up specialist Hannah Aitchison. (Tattoo by Omar “Sheriff” Herrera)

9. Miami, FL

You can thank Miami’s 127 tattoo parlors for inking the city’s hottest beach babes. One of the many studios includes Ocho Placas Tattoo Company.

8. Portland, OR

We see you, Portland! The tattoo community lives on in Oregon with 143 studios. Atlas Tattoo has been thriving since 1998! (Above tattoo by Tron)

7. Atlanta, GA

Southerners love ink, too. Atlanta alone has 154 shops! Be sure to visit All Or Nothing Tattoo if you’re in the area.

6. Los Angeles, CA

LA is home to some of the tattoo community’s most famous parlors. The city houses 160 shops including High Voltage Tattoo.

5. Denver, CO

164 tattoo parlors complete the city of Denver. One of the most versatile shops is Sol Tribe Tattoo; their services offer more body modifications than your typical tattoo studio.

4. Phoenix, AZ

The desert has plenty of ink to go around with 165 shops in Phoenix. Golden Rule Tattoo inks your story in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

3. San Diego, CA

City number three is San Diego with 177 shops. Guru Tattoo recently opened a second shop in Little Italy to neighbor its original Pacific Beach location. (Above tattoo by Cecil Porter)

2. Las Vegas, NV

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… but your tattoos will come home with you. Vegas is second on the list with 192 shops. Just off the strip is Seven Tattoo Studio. (Above tattoo by Mullner Csaba)

1. New York, NY

The Big Apple has the biggest selection of tattoo parlors in the States. A whopping 277 shops squeeze into the tiny 469 sq miles of the city. Sacred Tattoo in Manhattan has been tattooing since the ’80s! (Above tattoo by Virginia Elwood)

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